No Spend November!


Hello everyone! Okay, so this past September and October I have been spending an unnecessary amount of money. It’s like I think I’m Kim Kardashian and socializing IS LIFE…but no, it’s not haha. I don’t know if it’s because this is my last semester and I’m trying to enjoy it to the fullest by eating at restaurants all the time and going out often, but it has to stop– okay, not totally stop, but for November. In my first two or three years of university and on my own, I literally NEVER ate fast food or at restaurants. I also went to clubs like once a month. I was SO good at saving money. Wahhhh. No lie. I should be saving up to pay back the acquired costs of university and living. I would also like to buy some really good Christmas presents this year! So, to solve this problem, I will be doing No Spend November to hopefully lead into good habits that will carry on to December and 2015. I got the No Spend November idea from my coworker and thought it was great. I just need to go back to my old ways mannnnn. Continue reading “No Spend November!”

Reader’s Question: What Motivates [Me]?

ashleyHey everyone! A while ago I asked my followers and friends on social media to send in some questions or requests that they’d like to see on the blog. One was this: What motivates you? At first I was trying to figure out what I should talk about is my motivation to do a specific thing, but I realized all things require motivation, and if you’re like me, most of the things I do are tied in together somehow. So this will be about what motivates me in life. Things in my life that require motivating include anything from getting a fulfilling career, continuing to learn, school, continuing to workout and be fit, relationships, blogging, working, staying organized, and pretty much everything that requires effort and dedication in order to do well.

I have created a well thought out list of seven different things that keep me motivated to do the things I love, whether they require hard work or not. Here we go…

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Why I write in my Journal! [Benefits of “Journaling”]

IMG_0234.JPGHey everyone! I hope you are all doing well today! The sun is up & it’s actually nice out in Edmonton. This past weekend I strolled into Coles, because I always love finding an interesting book to read, or beautiful notebooks, journals, or even gifts I can get for people. I came across this suede, ancient-style, gold and purple journal and just HAD to have it. I felt it looked unique, and I’ve always wanted a leather journal.

Anyways, what most people don’t know about me is that I journal (if that’s not a verb, it is now!). My whole life from when I was in second or third grade, when my parents got me a Little Mermaid journal (it was so cute), was when I started. I write my life basically day-to-day, as well as write my thoughts on things from the past (reflecting on past significant experiences), how I feel about things in my present, and my goals and dreams for my future. I try to write daily, and sometimes if I have a lot going through my mind, I’ll write more than that. I feel journals should definitely be kept secret, because it’s supposed to be a place of your own, where you can let your mind out without being judged or persuaded into thinking something else. Continue reading “Why I write in my Journal! [Benefits of “Journaling”]”

#OOTD: Out for a Stroll

Hey everyone! Thought I’d get a little personal and share one of my favourite things…even though I love the city life, being in an all-natural, earthy setting can make a person’s mood feel a lot more serene. One of my favourite places to go to is the beach. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and I’m not talking about Miami beach, which is hectic, I’m talking those secluded beaches. The ones surrounded by trees, no parking lots or concrete, and still animals wandering around. The place I did this blog shoot is just like that. I hope they never get rid of this provincial park, they did a good job preserving it’s natural beauty. I remember being in high school and during the summer evenings, my friends and I would go there and watch the sun set. SO beautiful!

Anyhoo, here is my next summer maxi and hat outfit! Details at the bottom 🙂 Thanks for checking it out and tell me what you think!

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Slave to the Cell Phone

Slave to the Cell Phone

What up what up everyone! It’s Monday! To all you students, it’s the last week of school before reading week!! 😀

Okay, I have come to a realization multiple times and it is this: who else notices that wherever you look you see people on their phones? Whether it’s texting, on social media, or playing Flappy Bird, is this phone obsession healthy? Psychologically, I don’t think so. It’s also not good, because you’re not stoping and smelling the roses, aka enjoying life! You’re not challenging yourself and growing your interpersonal skills by ACTUALLY trying to have conversations with people…instead, you’re looking at your phone in avoidance. Continue reading “Slave to the Cell Phone”

5 Tips to get BACK into School Mode

What’s up everyone? Happy Friday! So, for most of us students, we’ve just finished our second week back at school after a long Christmas break where we either slept, worked, hung out, ate, or something totally unrelated to practicing equations or writing 5000 word essays, for majority of the time. My Christmas break was spent in my hometown, where I was only awake for at least 4-5 hours of daylight, and worked at the local sports lounge. I have found it a little challenging to get back into organizing my life and waking up at decent hours, that i have decided to create a list of ways that will make our lives easier.

I realize most of these “back-to-school” lists come out before the break even ends, but many people don’t realize they need some “assistance” until they start falling behind, so people, I am here to help you. It doesn’t have to be January 1st to have a “perfect” start to the year. Your perfect start can be on Monday, January 20th, and be just as good. So, let’s get started…

1. Sleep Schedule

My sleep schedule for all 23 days of my Christmas break was: go to bed at three or four in the morning and wake up at one or two in the afternoon the next day. An effective way to back that schedule back on track in a jiffy is NOT to force yourself to go to bed early (this won’t work because you’ll only just lay there until the time you usually go to bed), but try to wake up at six or seven in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to bed at 4:00 am…just WAKE UP before 8, and you’ll be able to go to bed by ten or eleven the next day, voila! You’re welcome.

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