Give Yourself Some “ME” Time! Ya Need it!

AmpersandGrey052_WEB“Me” time.

What is “Me” time? Well, it is what it sounds like…time dedicated to yourself. Only yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extraverted, every person needs some alone time. We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget that we need to stop for a second and think about ourselves.

Being constantly occupied with life’s duties such as work, family, friends, studying, and everything else can lead to stress. Even if we enjoy┬ábeing busy, it’s bound to get overwhelming at times. There was one point when I was in my last semester of my degree; I was studying, working, volunteering, trying to get blog photoshoots done, and in the beginning I thought, “I’m an independent woman…look at all the things I’m getting done!”

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