Something Different [with Barnabas Siwila]

Hey everyone! How is it going this Wednesday?? Something I don’t do very often is show pure streetwear styles. I’ve usually mixed pieces of streetwear into an outfit that is a little more feminine because I like the contrast and personality it adds. Anyways, thanks to Barnabas and his connections with some local streetwear boutiques, he styled me head to toe and took some dope pics. Something I love about these photos is the faded effect while still looking like a raw photo. Anyways, check out his website here! Enjoy the photos 🙂

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#OOTD: Work It Out!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the delay on this post, I was going to publish it while I was in Vegas, but…I was in Vegas! LOL. Anyways, here it is! There is a brand new, high-end fashion boutique coming to south-side Edmonton that I’m very excited to be working with. It’s called J.Lea Fashion House in the Windermere area, and it’s owned by the gorgeous Janelle Lawton. Everything she’ll be selling has excellent quality and style–trust me, I a LONG time checking out all the items she’ll be getting! There will also be some pretty unique jewelry that I’m a huge fan of…

This past week I worked out in this Gentle Fawn full fitness outfit. By the way, I’m totally NOT an outdoors runner, you’ll always find me at the gym…but the gym isn’t too photo friendly, so hence why I’m outside lol. I also am not sure if action shots are my forte…haha. The outfit I thought was super cute because it’s a matching leggings and sports bra set. I also loved that my grey Nikes matched! It’s also really light and breathable, so despite the super hot weather we had the day we took these photos, I still felt cool and not gross haha.

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