Edmonton’s First #YEGShow!

Hey everyone!! Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a market and tradeshow event called the YEGShow (Nov 7th, 2015). This event was focused on local Edmonton fashion entrepreneurs, with some exception to some Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver brands. With myself starting my long-time dream, a handmade jewelry company titled Jewel Sofia, and my love for community fashion events, I just had to attend and meet as many people as possible. With this event being founded and organized by Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees, who are well known in the YEG urban community, you’d think it was an urban-focused event, however, there were many other genres of fashion and accessories that were making this event appeal to a variation of attendees. Actually, talking with Jim that day, it was part of his goal to have variety at the show. He had urban wear, modest wear, leather goods, “tatted” furniture, and just a variety of talent laid throughout the venue, Latitude 53. There were so many beautiful handmade goods!


Out of the two founders I spoke with Jim (above) and it was amazing to see all the passion about the YEGshow and what he wants it to do for the community and for local business. I also asked Jim, “what are you most proud about that happened at the first YEGshow?”
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