Reader’s Question: What Motivates [Me]?

ashleyHey everyone! A while ago I asked my followers and friends on social media to send in some questions or requests that they’d like to see on the blog. One was this: What motivates you? At first I was trying to figure out what I should talk about is my motivation to do a specific thing, but I realized all things require motivation, and if you’re like me, most of the things I do are tied in together somehow. So this will be about what motivates me in life. Things in my life that require motivating include anything from getting a fulfilling career, continuing to learn, school, continuing to workout and be fit, relationships, blogging, working, staying organized, and pretty much everything that requires effort and dedication in order to do well.

I have created a well thought out list of seven different things that keep me motivated to do the things I love, whether they require hard work or not. Here we go…

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Leave a Job Interview with Confidence!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Being almost done my Commerce degree, a conversation I’m constantly having with my friends at school starts off with, “what the Hell are we going to do after we’re done school?”


With a degree that is so broad and general, and a marketing and management major, the possibilities are endless, yet also limited when one doesn’t have “5-7 years experience” like many of the job postings are looking for. They ALSO require a business degree; so I have one of those, but one of those are more valuable than the other…the experience. Nowadays, I’m trying to be more involved and put myself out there, and show that I can contribute mutually to a company or job, but paid experience, in my opinion, is more valuable on a resumé, you can correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m new to this.

I’m writing today about techniques and advice that I’ve collected to help someone get a job. These tips are from conversations I’ve had with managers, friends with established careers, and human resources and career advisors that I’ve talked to in the past.

Obviously, the first thing you need is a resumé, which is a one to two page summary of all your work and volunteer experience, as well as your level of education and other talents (computer competent, excellent public speaker, etc.). There are many templates online that you can use to make sure your resumé is in the correct format, but make sure it is not too long, and that you’re not using any irrelevant information about yourself. I also learned that if you are applying for a specific job, cater your resumé to the job requirements, because if your words match what they are looking for in the position, you’ll be recognized as a suitable candidate. Continue reading “Leave a Job Interview with Confidence!”