Happy Valentine’s Day! #ASMR Edition (Video)

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I made something for you this V-day and I hope you like it. Lately ASMR videos have been popping up everywhere. Yes, I know they’ve been a thing for a long time, but I’m new to it and am so far enjoying them! ASMR sounds for Autonomous sensory meridian response. I recently purchased a Blue Snowball Ice microphone off Kijiji (yes, I … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day! #ASMR Edition (Video)

Valentine’s Jams (Songs to get down to, even if you’re single)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I’m going to write songs to listen to tonight on Valentine’s Day based on your current relationship situation (I have made a LOT of categories). I just went through my iPod to find these songs, so there are a lot of old songs and I just basically chose slow jamz…I REALIZE I am missing a ton of great songs, but I just skimmed through and tried to think of whatever came to mind, to list all the great r&b songs out there would take forever lol. If you are not a rap, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, or even pop fan, you probably won’t benefit from this post in any way haha, but check it out…

tumblr_n0tcbufyIi1rmght3o2_500 Continue reading “Valentine’s Jams (Songs to get down to, even if you’re single)”