#YEGEvents: Ruby & Rhinestones Gala!

Hey yall! How are you!? Thanks for poppin’ by my blog on this lovely Thursday. I hope you are well, healthy, happy, and being true to yourself. A couple weeks ago (Oct 4th) I went to an Edmonton charitable gala called the Ruby and Rhinestones Cocktail Gala. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me post about it live in my IG story … Continue reading #YEGEvents: Ruby & Rhinestones Gala!

Meeting Christian Milian & Hanging At #RMWFF2017!! (VIDEO)

Hey you! I hope you are doing amazing. I am extremely excited to be sharing with you because as you can tell from the title, this week I met one of my fave celebrities, especially from when I was in high school: Christina Milian!!!!! EEEEAKKAKAKKKKHEUIE (me shrieking in joy)!!! She is SO beautiful and her personality is equally gorgeous. Continue reading “Meeting Christian Milian & Hanging At #RMWFF2017!! (VIDEO)”

#TBT: Tastemakers’ #JiveGlasshouse Garden Party!


Hey everyone! Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Here is an event that I sadly haven’t posted about yet, but it’s WELL worth posting 🙂

On July 27th, Tastemakers held the 3rd annual Jive Glasshouse Garden Party. It was a very hot, but beautiful afternoon, LOTS of sun, and everyone looked amazing in all white! I was the MC for this event, and I had a pleasure introducing the sponsors and local talent, Jessica Holtby, Karima, and DJ Mitchmatic! Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.46.27 PMI was honestly blown away by Karima’s performance…after her original set was over, the crowd wanted more, so she gave it to them 🙂

At this event, there was a lot of socializing going on, and there was a ton of new faces! There were also activities like wafer golf (golf where you tried to get the ball in a bowl), bubbles, a candy bar, a huge selfie mirror, and of course photographers to take photos! There was gorgeous furniture and delicious hors d’ouvrés, although I was running around so much, I didn’t get to try it all!

Continue reading “#TBT: Tastemakers’ #JiveGlasshouse Garden Party!”