#OOTD: My Fluffy Feather Friday!


Happy Friday! How was your week? Hopefully you enjoyed it! Today I’m posting outfits featuring this gorgeous fluffy feather jacket from Tiffany Blue – The Designer Consigner. I wore it like a poncho or shawl over my shoulders (not using the sleeves) but it’s actually a jacket. I love how dramatic it looks, just like dark lipstick, it’s perfect for fall! There’s a few other designer items from the consignment store that I mixed with some of my own clothes in these photos. I did two looks, they’re very similar, but the second one is a more dressy and formal look compared to the first. Full outfit details for each look are below.

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#OOTD: Leather Collars and White Skirts ft. Lucid Lifestyle (Pt. 3)

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. If you are also from Alberta or watch news from Canada, I’m sure you’ve heard about Fort McMurray’s devastating situation. My prayers have and continue to go out to all the people who evacuated, which is unfortunately the whole city. I’m really happy to see all the Albertans opening their homes and welcoming people and pets to stay until they are allowed back! There are many people that will not be coming back to their houses intact. However, we must help in some way, we are #AlbertaStrong! You can text ‘Redcross’ to 30333 to automatically donate $5 now.

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#OOTD: Pink & Whyte ft. Lucid Lifestyl (Pt. 2)

Happy Wednesday, my people! I got some great feedback on my last post (click here to see it) and I’m so happy to be back blogging on the regular (aka weekly). I’ve got another post for you, as promised: part 2 of my collaboration with Whyte Ave boutique Lucid Lifestyle. So, last week the weather in Edmonton was ON POINT…I mean, these photos were taken at 11am and it was already like 20 degrees Celsius…unfortunately it’s been FREEZING these past few days so this outfit may need a little more time to pass now to be suitable for the outdoors haha. Continue reading “#OOTD: Pink & Whyte ft. Lucid Lifestyl (Pt. 2)”

#OOTD: When Wear A Fur Vest?!

Happy Friday! Yesterday, as you can tell from my lack of jacket in the photo to the left, it was b-e-a-utiful out! Well, still chilly, like -3C but that’s doable. My outfit was pretty artsy, if you could have seen the whole thing from the front…I didn’t end up liking those photos though, so you’re just getting a side view, haha. I also cropped out the bottom because the muddy-snowy ground was not helping out the overall photo. FYI, I was wearing black leather ankle booties!IMG_6583edit2_edited-1
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Edmonton’s First #YEGShow!

Hey everyone!! Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a market and tradeshow event called the YEGShow (Nov 7th, 2015). This event was focused on local Edmonton fashion entrepreneurs, with some exception to some Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver brands. With myself starting my long-time dream, a handmade jewelry company titled Jewel Sofia, and my love for community fashion events, I just had to attend and meet as many people as possible. With this event being founded and organized by Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees, who are well known in the YEG urban community, you’d think it was an urban-focused event, however, there were many other genres of fashion and accessories that were making this event appeal to a variation of attendees. Actually, talking with Jim that day, it was part of his goal to have variety at the show. He had urban wear, modest wear, leather goods, “tatted” furniture, and just a variety of talent laid throughout the venue, Latitude 53. There were so many beautiful handmade goods!


Out of the two founders I spoke with Jim (above) and it was amazing to see all the passion about the YEGshow and what he wants it to do for the community and for local business. I also asked Jim, “what are you most proud about that happened at the first YEGshow?”
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simons trench coat

#OOTD: Trench’d in Black

simons trench coatHey everyone! Yes….it has LITERALLY been a month since I last blogged. It is SO not like me to do that, however, I’ve been working on a lifelong dream of mine, it’s still SO far from where I want it to be, but follow @JewelSofiaDesign on Instagram if you want to see what’s up with it so far. Anyways, if you’ve been keeping up with me on IG, you probably have noticed my slight obsession with this trench coat.I’ve been wearing it non-stop….not just because I love how it looks, but it is the comfiest thing in the world. I feel like I’m wrapped up in a blanket with arms(…snuggie??) but still look “put together” when I’m out and about. Ever have that problem when you have a gorgeous outfit on and you DON’T have anything but an over-casual giant winter parka because it’s “the only jacket you have” LOL…That was my problem. That’s the magic of a trench coat…they never go out of style and for fall, winter, AND spring, look great over just about ANY outfit for work, going out, going shopping, on a date, anything (minus some baggy sweat pants lol). I recommend to own one of these in a neutral color (tan, beige, black, or grey) and in a felt/wool material if you live in a cool-temperatured city like myself.

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#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re Thanksgiving was delicious! I definitely enjoyed mine. 🙂 The outfit below can be worn to work at the office, shopping, going to the movies, and just about that lets you wear a purse and heeled boots! The outfit is from J. Lea Fashion House from top to bottom, and her store is now open, so go check it out!DSC_3406I don’t know about you, but I usually stick to solid colours… I just feel most comfortable in solids. This post is about how to wear multiple “statement” pieces. Listen to the details of this outfit: a rasberry houndstooth tweed blazer, white chiffon blouse with a black, leather collar, navy blue jeans, and deep green suede boots, oh, not to mention a black floral textured tote purse. Yes, that combination is a mouthful, and maybe before looking at the photos, it’d be very hard to imagine as a successful outfit, but it actually turned out to be one. Some would say the blazer is the focus of the outfit…some would say it’s the green boots, and many would say that no, those shouldn’t be mixed together. Maybe one with something more neutral…DSC_3403 Continue reading “#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)”

#OOTD: Comfy Crewneck ‘n Boots!

Hey everyone! What’s good?! It’s been two weeks…I know, but I’ve been spending time with the fam and my babies (2 beautiful cats), so I’ve been digitally absent. LOL….Anyways, up here in Canada, it’s about to be Thanksgiving long weekend! I’m so excited. Thanksgiving dinner is almost as big of a deal to my fam as Christmas dinner! My mom goes OFF in the kitchen!! It’s always SO yummy.

Today’s post is going to show a casual fall outfit, head-to-toe from J. Lea Fashion House. By the way, it’s NOW open, so go check it out.

This outfit is great for pretty much anything. I literally can’t think of anything that you wouldn’t wear this outfit to…maybe a fancy event, or a ball, or swimming LOL, but shopping, watching a football game, going out for lunch, etc…it’s comfy, yet put together. Full outfit details at the bottom!

Have a Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

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Who’s going to WCFW Fall 2015?

Edmonton fashion lovers — Western Canada Fashion Week Fall 2015 starts on Friday, who’s going?? I’m going to be attending a few nights and I’m very excited! It’s WCFW 10 year anniversary! Wow. I’ve modelled in it every year from 2011, this year only in the spring show, but it goes by so fast. I’ll be posting my outfit from each night that I attend … Continue reading Who’s going to WCFW Fall 2015?

#OOTD: Last Tuesday Night!

Edit2Hey what’s up hello! This past Tuesday, myself and the girls from the Blogger Brunch decided to have a round two and go our for dinner in the lovely downtown area. The purpose of our meet ups isn’t for good food, although that is a bonus, it’s for sharing ideas, talking about our latest posts and discoveries, upcoming events, and other blogger-related things! Oh, and another thing is that we all dress up and bring our cameras so that we can take OOTD photos of each other haha, this is probably the best part of the whole meet up. NewEdit3
Anyways, it was a lot of fun and now let’s get to le outfit…Since September has begun, and I knew that we’d be surrounded by brick buildings, I decided to take advantage Continue reading “#OOTD: Last Tuesday Night!”

#OOTD: Truth or Darling?

Edit1Hey everyone! Happy September! Yes, fall is right around the corner and I’m partially excited (because wool sweaters, Timberlands, and scarves) and partially not ready because I don’t want to let go of summer yet! It’s been a busy but amazing summer: I graduated uni, moved, travelled, watched my a best friend get married, met so many new people, and I’ve got one more big trip to end the summer off with a bang! 🙂  Continue reading “#OOTD: Truth or Darling?”